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Teach Beyond

Transformation Education Services:

Promisedland Ministries

Seminars: Transformation Seminars: Leaders learn how to transform communities by training their congregation to use their gifts and talents to tackle challenges within their communities. Leadership Seminars: Leaders learn how to develop individuals into capable leaders, before releasing them into the society, based on tried and tested leadership qualities. Youth Seminars: Youth and young adults learn to identify their motivational gifts and how to use them through the various seasons of life. Seminars for Professionals: Professionals in different fields of study are encouraged to make time to use their skills to serve their com­munities through coaching, teaching, mentoring, and skills-transfer...
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Justus Art Gallery and Studio Technology Investment Company

Art, Musical Education, and Youth Outreach Programs: JAGSTIC at Ibare Village – Uganda, Africa.

Casa de Restauración Vida Abundante

Abundant Life House of Restoration: The Story from the Directors of the Center… The property was unkempt, overrun with weeds and trash; the building it held, rotted and decaying – a fitting facade for those whose lives were overrun by addictions. Since our arrival in the small ranch community of Jaramillo, Mexico, my husband and I had walked or driven by the abandoned lot at least daily, sometimes more. I likely would have gone years more without interest, but something big stirred Enrique’s heart. One purposeful afternoon in our second year there, he placed his palms against the cement wall...
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How To Apply?

Step 1: Select Grant or Scholarship Option

Step 2: Write a Grant or Scholarship Proposal

Grant proposal must be relevant to an academic cause or purpose. Create a detailed, tailored proposal for the grant or scholarship applied for. Stipulations apply. In some cases, only a percentage of your total funding requirements can be granted. An appropriate grant or scholarship budget for proposals should be included. Each grant has a deadline for submission, and many have multiple deadlines for the submission of separate materials throughout a given time period. Review all the standards and deadlines for each grant before applying to avoid a rejection for an incomplete or ineligible application.

Step 3: Submit Proposal via Website

Step 4: Our Internal Review Board Will Assess Eligibility and Respond within 30 Days