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Who We Are.

Build & Invest

In the field of education and entrepreneurship.


Individuals into humanitarians and expose their initiatives to millions.

Turn Dreams Into

Reality and breathe life into ambitious development projects.

Boldly Pioneer

Educational centers and turn them into social enterprises.

Our Misson

Our mission is to leverage some of the world’s most valuable strategies and tactics in business and apply these applications in the educational industry. We’re turning the traditional idea of philanthropy upside down. This movement is not business as usual, it’s BUSINESS AS MISSION!

Meet The WEPT Team

Valen Vergara
Founding Director

Economic empowerment is the ultimate exercise in democracy, you vote once a year in elections, but when you make the decision to start a nonprofit movement, you vote each and every day about the kind of community, city and country you want to live in!

Nico Sanchez
Executive Director

I believe in sustainable philanthropy which is the belief in teaching others how to fish and not just giving them fish. By teaching others to fish you are empowering their spirit with dignity and giving them the ability to improve the lives of themselves, their families and their entire communities. Being given a fish creates dependency which leads to lack of control. Seize control of your future; Learn to fish.”

Manjit Rukhra

Specializing in fundraising.

James Vergara

Specializing in international development.